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Time for an Air Duct Cleaning

Time for an Air Duct Cleaning

Is it time for a duct cleaning?

Tell tale signs that you should call Advanced Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning at 1-877-4-FRESH AIR!

  1. Have your just renovated your home or is your home new construction?If the answer is yes, you need your air ducts cleaned. After the completion of any renovation or construction, dust, debris and other contaminates typically settle and/or get broomed into your ductwork.  
  2. Do you smell a musty odor or burning smell?If yes, this is a clear indication it is time for an air duct cleaning.
  3. Does dust build up on your vents?Even though you may vacuum the vent covers, this does not solve the root of your problem. Therefore, if you answered yes, this is a clear sign that you need your ductwork cleaned.
  4. Are you dusting daily?Think of your air ducts as the respiratory system of your home. Your air ducts circulate the air throughout your home. The reason you are dusting daily is due to the dirt, debris and other particulates built up in your ductwork. Therefore, when air passes through your duct work it is distributing the ‘dirty’ air and particulates into your home.
  5. Do you feel congested or have constant allergies?If yes, did you know that cleaning your air ducts can either solve or greatly reduce your allergies/asthma
  6. Is mold visible on your vent covers and/or walls? Due to the natural mechanics of you’re a/c unit, moisture and in particular, the a/c evaporator coils are an ideal place for growing mold. 



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