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Overhead Contact Cleaning/Combustible Dust

Overhead Contact Cleaning/ Combustible Dust

0 %

of all homes have leaky ducts

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of your heated and cool air leaks out of your ducts

Annual savings of anywhere from

$300 - $1,000

annually per system when you Aeroseal your ducts

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is wasted every year in the USA 

$ 0

of every $1 you spend is on wasted energy 

what is combustible dust?

Combustible dust is defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as “a solid material composed of distinct particles or pieces, regardless of size, shape, or chemical composition, which presents a fire or deflagration hazard when suspended in air or some other oxidizing medium over a range of concentrations”.

Many manufacturing industries create large amounts of Combustible Dust. This material has the potential to become highly explosive and cause fatalities and immense damage. Over time, dust and debris collect on overhead ductwork, fixtures, pipes, etc. Without proper cleaning, the dust builds up and becomes airborne from vibrations. This not only causes the contamination of products and production equipment but also contributes to poor indoor air quality. The build up of this dust and debris can pose hazardous conditions – Combustible Dust.


What Industries Are at Risk for Combustible Dust?

Causes of a Combustible Dust Explosion

There are three elements needed for a dust fire to occur:

Combustible dust (i.e. the fuel)


heat source

There are also two additional elements needed to cause a combustible dust explosion:

Dispersion of dust particle in sufficient quantity

confinement of the dust cloud

OSHA notes some of the industries at risk include:

our Cleaning process

Advanced service technicians are trained and experienced in using our specialized equipment to safely remove combustible dust. Advanced uses high powered HEPA vacuums that filter the air preventing contaminants from becoming airborne. Utilizing the proper equipment for contact vacuuming is extremely important in order to ensure the combustible dust does not become airborne.

Preventative Measures

Advanced Air Duct Cleaning has answers

Copper ductwork running under a black metal ceiling

Overhead Contact Cleaning/Combustible Dust TESTIMONIALS

Overhead Contact Cleaning/ Combustible Dust TESTIMONIALS

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