"nobody likes dirty ducts"


OUT OF SIGHT shouldn’t mean OUT OF MIND

residential New Home Builds/Renovations Duct Cleaning

residential New Home Builds/ Renovations Duct Cleaning

0 %

of all homes have leaky ducts

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of your heated and cool air leaks out of your ducts

Annual savings of anywhere from

$300 - $1,000

annually per system when you Aeroseal your ducts

$ 0

is wasted every year in the USA 

$ 0

of every $1 you spend is on wasted energy 

Why would you need air duct cleaning for a new home or after construction?

During construction of your NEW HOME, the HVAC system and ductwork is typically the first thing installed, which means it occurs before insulation, flooring, drywall and many other generators of dust and debris. It is during this time that drywall dust, saw dust, and other debris will accumulate in the ductwork. Hence the saying goes, “New home doesn’t mean clean new ducts.”

During the RENOVATION process, contractors will run the HVAC system(s) once installed and throughout the construction process. With the system running, all dirt and debris from construction is pulled into your ductwork. This is particularly true during the sheet-rock or painting phase as HVAC systems are turned on to speed up the drying process. Even if contractors do not turn on the HVAC unit(s) and/or state,  “they will cover the vents,” this is still not full proof.  Drop clothes covering the vents move easily and there is no guarantee that it is being done 100% of the time. We have even encountered the floor’s duct openings being used as a “dust pan” for the clean up crews. Therefore, best practice is to have your air duct cleaned following construction.

You just bought a new home, why not breathe clean new air! As you’re going through the checklist for your new home or after construction, make sure to put air duct cleaning on that list! 

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Warning signs you need to clean your ducts after construction

Thin layer of dust on surfaces and furniture in your home

The vents or surrounding areas have visible dust built up

The filter is accumulating debris build up quickly

Why choose Advanced as your duct cleaner for new home construction & renovation projects?

Advanced Air Duct Cleaning has answers

  1. We can guarantee that your new home or newly renovated home will stay looking pristine. We wear foot protection, place protection on the feet of our ladders, cloth drop where our vacuum hoses lay and lay out plastic drop cloths under our workspace. All precautions are taken to ensure no damage.
  2. Our power vacuum truck is 16,000 cfms. This is equivalent to a 300 MPH wind. Why is this important you may ask? Construction debris tends to be harder to remove from the ducts; therefore, powerful suction is important for a proper cleaning. It also helps to  ensure that dust will not become airborne in your home causing a mess on your new floors, counters and/or furniture.
  3. Our air charged dislodgers can clean all types of ducts without damage. Homes can have a variety of duct work and not all tools are safe for every type. If other types of cleaning methods are used, it may rip or tear through those very flexible ducts.
  4. Our power vacuum truck is located outside of your home, which means no dirty air is being collected or exhausted within your home. Only our hoses are laid inside your home and your flooring is protected by drop cloths. Other companies utilizing portable vacuums will roll their vacuums around your home as well as the exhaust from the vacuum is exhausted inside.





Residential NEW HOME BUILD/RENOVATIONS Duct Cleaning

Residential NEW HOME BUILD/ RENOVATIONS Duct Cleaning

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