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New Home Construction Air Duct Cleaning

New Home Construction Air Duct Cleaning

New Home Construction Air Duct Cleaning

Yes, new home builds can benefit from air duct cleaning. During construction of your new home, the HVAC system and ductwork is typically the first thing installed, which means it occurs before insulation, flooring, drywall and many other generators of dust and debris. It is during this time that drywall dust, sawdust, and other debris will accumulate in the ductwork. Therefore, to prevent future problems, it is recommended to clean the ductwork prior to moving into your new home. In fact, many contractors include duct cleaning as apart of their routine with all new builds and strongly recommend it following any major renovations.

Often, contractors will run the HVAC system(s) once installed to remain comfortable inside during the construction process. With the system running, all dirt and debris from construction is pulled into your ductwork. This is particularly true during the sheet-rock or painting phase as HVAC systems are turned on to speed up the drying process. Even if contractors do not turn on the HVAC unit(s) and/or state,  “they will cover the vents,” this is still not full proof.  Drop clothes covering the vents move easily and there is no guarantee that it is being done 100% of the time. We have even encountered the floor’s duct openings being used as a “dust pan” for the clean up crews. Therefore, best practice is to have your new build’s air duct cleaned following construction.

Did you know.. the air in your home is recycled between 9 to 12 times a day; thus, preventative maintenance of your HVAC unit(s) and ductwork as soon as construction is complete is essential to keeping your home’s indoor air free of containments. Start fresh in your new home with an air duct cleaning. Call 1-877-4-FRESH-AIR prior to your move in date!


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