Can you safely clean the flexible ductwork in my home?

//Can you safely clean the flexible ductwork in my home?

Can you safely clean the flexible ductwork in my home?

We receive at least five or six phone calls a week with customers asking “Can you clean my ducts, they’re the flexible hose type?”. The answer to this question is a resounding “yes”. We have the proper equipment to safely clean the flexible ductwork

Fortunately at Advanced Furnace & Duct Cleaning we keep up on technology in the industry and we use a patented tool (viper whips) made with soft but effective silicone rubber “scrubbers” that agitate the insides of your ducts.  The “scrubbing tentacles” on the whips come in many different compositions. At Advanced each truck is equipped with three different versions with three different flexibilities. Two of the viper whips we carry are specifically designed by the manufacturer forthe cleaning of flex duct lines.  Many other duct cleaners use round or square brushes. Brushes are simply not as effective because within duct work there are different sizes and shape changes as the trunk line (main duct) travels through the home.  Rubber whips work best because they can get in the narrower ducts as well as corners and cracks that stiff brushes cannot.  We have used this system for 13 years because it is top-of-the-line and most efficient for all applications, flex duct included.

Our technicians are all trained and properly certified and insured and you  can rest assured that the job will be done professionally and right.

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