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Asthma & Air Quality

Did you know according to the Environmental Protection Agency that indoor air is 20% more polluted than outdoor air? Indoor air quality, as a result of contaminated air ducts, can be a leading contributor to asthma.

Air containments in your ductwork can exasperate asthma symptoms due to the following:
o Dust mites,
o Mold spores,
o Dust particles,
o VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
o Sheet rock/joint compound dust
o Transite pipe
o Air borne particulate (other forms of air pollution)

All of these impact asthmatics because they are considered lung irritants and can perpetuate asthma attacks as well as difficulty breathing for those with comprised lungs and health conditions. Pollutants irritate the airways making the airways swell and tighten causing breathing issues. Pollutants are more likely to cause kids to catch upper respiratory infections. Additionally, constant allergens in the air can make the lungs more sensitive to the allergens overtime.

Cleaning your air ducts and maintaining a regular cleaning schedule will reduce the build up of pollutants in your ductwork and in turn, help to decrease the pollutants in your home’s indoor air. Keep your family breathing with ease by calling Advanced Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning at 1-877-4-FRESHAIR!


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