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No Mess Left Behind

Does air duct cleaning leave a mess behind?

It is a common misconception that air duct cleaning will distribute dust and debris throughout your home during the cleaning process. Consumers are concerned that their home, furniture, and contents in their home will be left covered in dust. This is ONLY the case when proper equipment is not used to complete the job. 

Advanced Air Duct Cleaning uses a push and pull method with power vacuum trucks and compressed air, which does not bring any dust into your home. Instead, the dust and debris is forced down the sub duct lines with 190 pounds of compressed air and back to the vacuum attached in your main trunkline then finally, out of our home. 

On the contrary, other air duct cleaning companies use a vacuum with a brush attached to the end. This method pulls contaminates into your home where the vacuum is located. Reason for this outcome is the vacuum with a brush does not have very strong suction; therefore, when the brush is removed from your trunk line, the dirt and debris becomes airborne within your home. Using the proper amount of suction power and equipment is extremely important to ensure a clean home following an air duct cleaning. 

At Advanced Air Duct Cleaning, we use 16,000 CFM power vacuum trucks. The vacuum power is strong enough to ensure that no dust or debris comes back into your home. The containments are pulled back into the truck- leaving no new mess behind.



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