Ensure a Safe & Healthful Environment This Fall/Winter Season

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Ensure a Safe & Healthful Environment This Fall/Winter Season

The Seasons are Changing…

This weather starts to get chilly and we get ready to turn on our heat for the first time. Here are some basic check points to ensure your family and home is safe and season ready!

  • Check batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are working properly. At the start of a new heating season, it is always best practice to get new batters.
  • Be sure that your chimney is clear from any blockage. During the spring months, birds and little critters like to use these spots for nesting.
  • If you have a high efficiency furnace, PVC pipes are used for venting. They are connected to your furnace and routed out to the side of your home. Ensure nothing is blocking the venting system including overgrown shrubs.
  • Change your air filters and move to a pleated filter for cooler weather.
  • If you have a high efficiency furnace with a separate air conditioning unite, ensure the condensate pump for the furnace and/or drain is working properly.
  • Be sure your humidifier is clean, and both the water line and humidistat are turned back on.
  • Put your damper for the humidifier into winter mode.
  • If you have high and low supply vents, shut the high vents and open the low vents.
  • If you have high and low return vents, shut the low vent and open the high vents.
  • Have your duct work cleaned to circulate better indoor air quality especially since your window will be closed for the upcoming seasons.
  • Have your chimney and chimney furnace cleaned before a long winters work.

Advanced Furnace can help you prepare your home for winter as we provided: air duct cleaning, chimney and chimney furnace cleaning as well as other indoor air quality services including; encapsulation, aero sealing and mold testing.


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