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An Overview of Your Air Duct Appointment

An Overview of Your Air Duct Appointment

What Happens the Day of Service?

Upon Arrival, technicians will:

·       Walk you, the homeowner, through the air duct cleaning process

·       Ensure the system is properly running and take note of any visible damage

·       Review invoice and discuss any visible damage prior to starting the job. If visible damage is present, a signature will be required

·       Wear foot coverings and gloves as well as lay entry level mat and lay drop clothes over any furniture or objects that may be under the work space in order to best protect your home

The Process:

Step 1. Run 8-inch vacuum line to the supply and return trunk line of your home, which puts the system under negative vacuum.

Step 2. Remove and wash all vent covers.

Step 3. 190 pounds of force per square inch (psi) of compressed air and/or air charge dislodgers are brought to every single vent in your home to force all dust and debris back to the main trunk line.

Step 4. Air charged dislodgers are then sent down all main trunk lines to dislodge all dust and debris as the negative vacuum pulls contaminants back into the vacuum truck.

Step 5. The blower motor compartment of your air handler unit (HVAC system) is cleaned and sanitized.

Step 6. Finally, your HVAC system is treated with an anti-microbial treatment utilized to kill any mold or bacteria.

At Completion, technicians will:

·       Ensure the system is up and running properly

·       Complete a final walk through to ensure no mess is left behind

·       Confirm your satisfaction and answer any additional questions

·       Collect payment and signature to ensure satisfaction


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