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Air Duct Cleaning & Business Public Image

Air Duct Cleaning & Business Public Image

Restaurant Air Duct Cleaning – An Often Overlooked Step

Are you a restaurant owner?  As you are aware, cleanliness is critical in the restaurant business. You most likely clean your kitchen and dining room on a daily basis but have you ever given thought to your air ducts?  Your air duct system directly affects the air quality in your establishment. A significant percentage of the population is extremely sensitive to mold, dust and other airborne contaminants. When these people come in to your restaurant to eat, they will know right away if the air quality is poor; for some customers it may affect their breathing, for others they may get a little congested or have a headache. Some customers may actually have their asthma triggered.  You might not even think about it but these customers may be so affected that they do not come back.  Repeat customers are vital to the survival to any food establishment. Don’t lose customers over something so easily avoided.

Customers in restaurants spend a lot of time sitting and looking around.  When you opened the business you probably spent endless hours planning the décor, the lighting, the furniture, the carpeting, and the overall ambiance.  All of this effort is a moot point if the customer looks around and sees cobwebs and dust coating the air vents. Dirt surrounding the air vents means there is dirt in the air.  You certainly don’t want your guests wondering if there is dust in their food or thinking about how filthy the kitchen must be if the dining room is visibly dirty. Avoid this, restaurant air duct cleaning can be arranged with one phone call.

Frequent filter changes on your HVAC system will certainly help clean the air but no matter how often you change the filter, you will never remove all the of the contaminants without having the system completely cleaned and vacuumed.  Even if you are diligent in changing them, a good air filter will only filter about 60% of dust and debris that circulates.   An air duct cleaning will lower your heating and cooling costs as your system will operate more efficiently. Your customers will leave happy and healthy.

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