"nobody likes dirty ducts"


OUT OF SIGHT shouldn’t mean OUT OF MIND

Proper Duct Cleaning

Have you heard that your house is dustier after the air ducts are cleaned? 

This is only true IF the air duct cleaning is not completed properly.

Many companies have duct cleaning as a side business.  Let’s take for instance a carpet cleaning company. They use the same 2-3 inch hose to clean carpets as they use to clean air ducts. The suction power of these vacuums are equivalent to a household shop vacuum.

Attached to the hose is a rotating brush, which doesn’t have the ability to clean all types of ductwork. The roating brush is often to abrasive as well as is circular in shape and not conducive to cleaning rectangular duct work. This process involves going to each vent to dislodge the dirt and debris frequently leaving a mess in your home.

As discussed earlier, the vacuum hose has little suction power making it nearly impossible to effectively remove all debris. 

Our power vacuum trucks are 16,000 cfms, which is equivalent to a 300 mph wind. We hook our vacuum truck hose into the main trunklines to put the whole duct system under negative pressure. Following, we force 190 pounds of compressed air down each line causing all dust and debris back to the main trunkline. At this point, our vacuum hose is waiting to pull the debris directly into our truck, leaving NO mess behind.

Next, our air charged dislodgers are sent down all the main trunklines and sub trunklines. Once again, the vacuum truck pulls the debris right out to the truck leaving no mess behind. We also remove each vent cover and wash each vent by hand. We provide before and after photos to ensure the system is clean.  

So to answer question above, YES… duct cleaning can cause more dust. However, this is only true when an unskilled company, who does not specialize duct cleaning, loosens up the dust and doesn’t have the proper equipment to remove all of the dislodged debris.  We ENSURE each system is cleaned properly! 

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