Duct Cleaning Photos – Before and After Duct Cleaning Pictures

//Duct Cleaning Photos – Before and After Duct Cleaning Pictures

Duct Cleaning Photos – Before and After Duct Cleaning Pictures

Some more duct cleaning photos of actual air ducts that technicians from Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning have vacuumed out in the past few months.  Every commercial building and home is different. Some air ducts are extremely dirty and may even have visible mold when we are contacted to clean them. Other ducts appear to be clean before we remove the covers, then inside they are filthy;  You truly cannot judge what may be lurking inside duct work from a meer peek.  When we do a duct cleaning of your home or business we remove every cover from the wall (unless it is sealed to the wall) and wipe them down with sanitizer. Every trunk line is vacuumed, whipped (with a patented viper whip system)  and sanitized. We repeat this process for every supply duct.  In addition to cleaning and whipping the duct work we also clean out your furnace blower.  This step will help your furnace operate smoother and more efficiently.


These two registers were removed from the same house. You can easily see the difference before and after they are  cleaned and sanitized. Keep your home clean and healthy!

Looking for more air duct cleaning photos showing a vent both before and after? Check back again. We will be adding them often.  We also have an extensive gallery of residential, commercial and industrial duct cleaning photos on our website.


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