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Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning is recognized as NJ’s leader in Industrial Air Duct Cleaning since 1965. Advanced delivers unparalleled service and experience to tackle even the most difficult industrial air duct cleaning jobs.

Industrial buildings present some of the most severe indoor air quality issues. Waste treatment facilities, food processing plants, printing facilities, large manufacturing operations, and other industrial buildings have complex air quality issues with important regulatory and environmental implications. Until now, solutions to those issues have often meant increased energy costs for fresh air supply systems and higher maintenance investments.

Unlike residential and commercial systems, duct cleaning for industrial systems normally does not depend upon multiple small rooftop air handling units.  Typically a couple of large units are located on the roof or in a penthouse. These air handling units commonly have large vertical shafts going down through multiple stories of the building. A horizontal duct is connected into the shaft to provide an air supply for each floor. From this point forward the VAV boxes or VAV boxes in conjunction with Therma fusers, control  the airflow to each area. These systems are much larger, usually containing variable frequency drive fan motors, large fans, mixing dampers, hot water coils and chilled water coils, filter housings for bag, rolled or panel type filters.  Also in these HVAC systems it is common to find return air fans.

We can clean and deodorize ductwork and blower sections, and even remove dangerous, highly-flammable explosive dust with our fleet with a super 16,000 CFMs of suction. Let us help you take care of your next project—no matter how large or complex.

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