The Chimney Cleaning Procedure at Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning NJ

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The Chimney Cleaning Procedure at Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning NJ

 A Professional Chimney Cleaning Procedure Involves Powerful Equipment and a Properly Trained Technician

When the technicians from Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning arrive at your home to clean your chimney, there are several steps that they will follow.

First, they will bring the vacuum hose from the truck to the opening of your fireplace.  Our vacuum trucks have 16,000 cubic feet per minute of suction power, the equivalent of a 300 mile per hour wind.  This power ensures that no ash, soot or debris finds its way into the living space of your home.  The technicians will “seal off” the opening of the fireplace that surrounds the hose with a canvas tarp.   The vacuum will be turned on and the sweeping procedure begins.  If possible, this will be done from the roof of the home. In some homes, the chimney has a cap on it or other obstruction or the roof is simply not accessible; In a case such as this the same procedure will be performed from the fireplace opening itself and the hearth would be protected by a canvas tarp.  The techs will use a wire brush (from above on the roof or below from the hearth) that is appropriately sized for your specific chimney and manually brush all sides of the chimney from top to bottom.  Any debris that is dislodged  will be effectively and immediately vacuumed up by the vacuum truck which is constantly running during the entire cleaning procedure.

After the technicians are finished brushing the sides of the chimney, the next step will be to clean off the smoke shelf and damper assembly.   Again, any soot or debris would be vacuumed into our truck.  The walls of the fire box would be brushed next using a wire brush.

Finally, any and all debris that has been dislodged into the bottom of the fireplace will be vacuumed up before the technicians leave your home.  Please note that a small bed of ash will be left in the bottom of the fireplace because this aids in the building of the next fire.

Please note, Advanced technicians thoroughly clean the chimney and firebox but vacuuming the ash pit is not part of our service.

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