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Residential Duct Cleaning Articles

Cost of a Proper Air Duct Cleaning

How much should an air duct cleaning cost?  Scenario: A company comes into your home offering to clean your duct work supplies, returns, trunk lines, air handler and blower section for a total cost of $200 to $300. In this case, it is highly likely that the job is not being performed according to National [...]

Time for an Air Duct Cleaning

Is it time for a duct cleaning? Tell tale signs that you should call Advanced Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning at 1-877-4-FRESH AIR! Have your just renovated your home or is your home new construction?If the answer is yes, you need your air ducts cleaned. After the completion of any renovation or construction, dust, debris [...]

Household Pets and Indoor Air Quality

While household pets become beloved family members, pet dander, feathers and/or fur is a major source for allergens that can impact your home’s indoor air quality. These major allergen sources circulate throughout your home, duct work and HVAC system. Have you ever looked at your filter? You will find build up of your furry family [...]

The Ghost in the Room

“Ghosting,” refers to unexplainable dark streaks or patches on walls, ceilings, and carpets. Ghosting is caused by the slow buildup of dust, soot, and sometimes mold, and there are several root causes behind the buildup. The buildup of ghost marks can be caused by a combination of moisture, cold spots, air currents, a supply of [...]

Proper Remediation & IIRC

What happens when your HVAC system becomes submerged in flood waters? As a result, your system will contain dirt, debris and become contaminated with other organisms such as bacteria and fungi. It is critical for proper remediation not only for your HVAC system efficiency and life span but also, to ensure healthy indoor air quality. [...]

Use an Air Duct Cleaning Expert

Today there are numerous HVAC companies advertising air duct cleaning services; often it is the larger franchised ‘big name’ HVAC companies. These types of companies will advertise other types of related services to get their foot in the door then often one of the following situations will occur: 1. up sell you, 2. find additional [...]

Choose Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning

TOP 10 Reasons WHY... 1. Family owned and operated since 1965 2. Strongest power vacuum trucks in the industry 3. Most National Air Duct Cleaning Association certified technicians in New Jersey 4. Over 60 years’ experience in the field daily 5. Completed over 200,000 residential homes and more vent cleaning jobs than all of our [...]

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