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Yacht and Boat Air Duct Cleaning

Yacht and Boat Air Duct Cleaning

Do we clean yacht or boat air ducts?

Yes, We Can and Do!

Yes, at Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning we have years of experience vacuuming boat air ducts.    Just as it is important to properly clean the ducts in a residence on land, it is critical to do so for boats.  Anytime relative humidity levels in the air are above 60%, mold will naturally grow and flourish.  Boats are constantly surrounded by a wet environment year round. In the spring and summer they are moored or at sea.  In the winter conditions are even worse; boats are “sealed” in canvas or plastic creating an air-tight environment which is the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria.  Sea air provides a moist habitat and ideal conditions for fungal and bacterial growth.

New Jersey’s diverse ecology of pine barrens, oak forests, marsh grasses and wetlands, results in numerous pollens and allergens in our air.  Besides these natural particulates our New Jersey sailors are constantly exposed to diesel and other exhaust fumes.  An average boat cabin is approximately 160-200 square feet, it is critical that this confined area remains free of pollutants and airborne contaminants. If you don’t clean out  the source (the boat air ducts and the air handler components), polluted air will just re-circulate.

Advanced Air Duct Cleaners has years of experience cleaning boats and has the proper equipment to do so.  We have a fleet of 11  power vacuum trucks, each having nearly 16,000 cfm’s of suction (the equivalent of a 300 mph wind. We have serviced NJ boats of the following styles: houseboats, sail boats, cuddy cabins, walk-arounds, yachts, and even naval craft. We have cleaned two USCG cutters, the Sailfish in 2006 and the Dependable in 2012.  (Click here for more information about our experience  with  the US Coast Guard


Boat Air Duct Cleaning


When you hire Advanced Furnace to clean your boat air ducts we will come to you and clean the following areas of your vessel:

  • Interior of the air handler cabinet
  • Blower assemblies
  • Return and supply plenum
  • Evaporator and heating coil
  • Condensate pan
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing of all the non-porous interior surfaces of the system
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