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Why Aeroseal?

Why Aeroseal?

Did you battle to keep your home cool during the summer?
Is your A/C not able to “keep up” with the hot temperatures?

Here is WHY and WHAT can HELP!

Your A/C unit’s job is to remove heat from the air and function as a dehumidification. So why isn’t mine working? One of the most common reasons is LEAKY ductwork espeically if your ducts run through an attic or an unconditioned space. Also if your Ducts fun through your exterior wall, the insulation has a tendency to not as thick there which means your ductwork is absorbing hot air! Small leaks and cracks in ductwork allow unconditioned air to enter the ducts. Now, consider hot and humid your attic or walls are in the summer. This hot and humid air can be too much for your unit to handle.

Indoor humidity levels should be between around 40-50% for ideal comfort. If they are above 50%, you might not be as comfortable as you could be.

So, what can you do? One of the best ways to control humidity is to have your ductwork inspected and SEALED tight. The single most effective method of sealing ductwork available today is a patented technology called Aeroseal. Aeroseal seals the leaks and cracks in your ductwork from the inside. It is a simple process that can be completed in less than a day and it lasts a lifetime! When the sealing process is complete, a final measurement will be taken to verify that the leakage has been reduced and you will receieve a certificate of completion!

Ask us about having Aeroseal DUCT SEALING for your home today – and stop battling high temperatures and high humidity! We can help!

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