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Tips Before Turning on Your Heat

Tips Before Turning on Your Heat

Chilly season is approaching and it’s important to ensure your heater is prepared to start working. As a homeowner or renter, it’s important to consider the below tips, to ensure your safety and achieve the maximum efficiency out of your system.

  1. Clean any reusable electrostatic filters and replace any disposable fiberglass filters BEFORE you turn on your furnace
  2. Clear any flammable items from the area around the furnace.
  3. Check for a gas smells in the furnace area. If you smell gas, contact your gas company IMMEDIATELY 
  4. Clean your humidifier and ensure the air damper is in the open position. If not, open it prior to running your heat. The humidifier keeps your home from becoming dry and muggy
  5. Ensure the water for the humidifier is working and running properly 
  6. Set the humidifier to the proper humidity level for the chilly season. The ideal relative humidity for health and comfort is between 35% and 40% to avoid condensation on the windows.
  7. Replace or clean your media pad to ensure maximum air flow from your blower motor
  8. Check if the condensate pump is plugged in and working properly for a  High-Efficiency Furnaces with stackable vents
  9. On a High-Efficiency Furnace, shut all higher supply vents and open lower vents 
  10. For older furnaces, check and replace the fan belt in the blower section of the furnace as necessary 
  11. For older electric blower motors, you may need to check the oil level in the motor. Fill as needed to ensure your motor works properly through the full season.

Safety and air quality are important when it comes to heating your home; therefore, you want to make sure you are maintaining your system. If you take these few precautions before turning on your heating system, you’ll be sure to get the highest quality of warmth from your heater all season long

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