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What are stackable or high low vents?

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What are stackable or high low vents?

The basic rule of thumb is this: Hot air rises and cold air falls. The low register in a stacked system delivers heat because it rises and the higher register delivers air conditioned cold air because it settles.

Duct work is supposed to maximize natural air movement. You will not see this type of ductwork in many older homes because central air conditioning only became readily available to homeowners in the 70’s. Prior to that, window units were used if you were lucky enough to have air conditioning!

We see more of this type duct work in new constructions and when an older house is being retrofitted. All registers are fed from the same main unit. The most important thing a homeowner must do is switch the vents! Come the colder weather, open the low vent and shut off the high vent. The opposite applies in the summer! Close those floor or lower wall registers and open up the above registers! Not doing so will interfere with the efficiency of your system because air will not be properly distributed. Switching the vents to the proper setting is just another thing to put on your “to do” fall and spring list.

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