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Household Pets and Indoor Air Quality

Household Pets and Indoor Air Quality

While household pets become beloved family members, pet dander, feathers and/or fur is a major source for allergens that can impact your home’s indoor air quality. These major allergen sources circulate throughout your home, duct work and HVAC system.

Have you ever looked at your filter? You will find build up of your furry family member’s hair on your air filter. If you have a furry pet, air filters need to be changed more frequently than what is usually recommend by the manufacturer as well as it is recommend to clean your air ducts more frequently than the standard every 3 years.

So what’s the drawback? Clogged air filters cause your HVAC system to work harder to cool your home, which increases the wear and tear on your system resulting in a shorter overall life span. When pet dander, fur, and feathers build up in your duct work, it makes the space for air flow smaller in size. A smaller, tighter space for air flow means that your home will take longer to cool and your system will run at longer intervals trying to achieve the desired temperature. Running your system longer than is needed will ultimately shorten its overall life span as well.

Since we know you love your furry family members, here are some basic tips:

· Regularly vacuum (with HEPA filters) carpets, furniture, and upholstery where dander may accumulate

· Wash pets and their bedding often; brush them outside to reduce dander spreading

· Change air filters frequently

· Use a high efficiency filter

· Clean hard surfaces (including walls) to prevent dander/dust buildup

If you are a pet loving home, be sure to call Advanced Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning today 1-877-4-FRESH AIR to make your air duct cleaning appointment. Don’t forget to ask about joining a regular routine maintenance air duct cleaning schedule to maintain the highest level of quality indoor air!

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