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Coronavirus Particles in your Air Ducts

Coronavirus Particles in your Air Ducts

As humans we spend most of our time indoors, where exposure to dust particles that carry a variety of bacteria, including pathogens that can make us sick, breed. These particulates circulate throughout your home on an average of six to ten times per hour through your duct work system.


Dust particles are in large part a culmination of human and animal dander, specks of insect carcasses and droppings, microscopic fibers of bedding and clothing as well as microorganisms. The fungi in dust tends to come from the outside. Bacteria enters our homes, gyms and workspaces mostly via transport on our skin or through an opening i.e. windows, doors, cracks, etc. In fact, the bacteria found in your home is more diverse than that found outside. Why? People transport various types of bacteria acquired from places they travel throughout their typical day such as; work, school, and shopping centers. Did you know? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor air quality as one of the Top 5 Environmental Dangers.


Coronavirus particles fall within these particulates. Proper ventilation in indoor living spaces helps prevent all sorts of illnesses and reduces the transmission of viruses. This is where the importance of air duct cleaning comes to light.


Why air duct cleaning?

Air duct cleaning removes the dust dirt and debris found in your duct work. Once the dust and debris is successfully removed, so is the virus caring bacteria. Your HVAC components are then further treated with a chemical called Shockwave, which is the only disinfectant EPA registered to kill human coronavirus. Call Advanced Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning at 1-800-317-7104 for a free estimate and keep your family healthy starting today!


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