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Commercial Pesticide Applicator License

//Commercial Pesticide Applicator License

Commercial Pesticide Applicator License

December 23, 2010

Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning is proud to announce that they are the sole duct cleaning company in the State of New Jersey to hold a Commercial Pesticide Applicator License. A Commercial Pesticide Applicator is defined as any person who uses or supervises the use of any pesticide for any purpose or on property other than their own. While New Jersey does not currently require by law, duct cleaners who apply anti-microbials  (sanitizers) in the ductwork to be licensed; approximately 20% of the states  do require a license.

New Jersey, through the Pesticide Control Program of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection began its program in 1975. The certification program is designed to facilitate, demonstrate and maintain acceptable competency in the safe use of pesticides by Certified Pesticide Applicators in the New Jersey.

To receive this licensing in the State of NJ, an applicator must complete an application and pass certification exams in both a core category and at least one other specialization category. For example, Advanced Air Duct Cleaning holds licensing for both the basic core category of Pesticide Application and also  Category 7A-Residential Applications and Category 13-School or Educational  Integrated Pest Management. By passing the examinations, the applicator shows they have met the qualifications to apply pesticides in a legal, safe, effective and environmentally sound manner. Licenses are issued for the calendar year and must be renewed annually.

When asked about the licensing requirements, Richard Spano, the Commercial Accounts Coordinator for Advanced Air Duct Cleaning said, “I feel it is just a matter of time before New Jersey comes around to realize what the other states already have. It is just common sense that persons who apply anti-microbials should fall under the same training guidelines and insurance requirements as other pesticide applicators. I cannot overemphasize the importance of the applicator being properly trained.”

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