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Cleaning Your Mini Split Unit

Cleaning Your Mini Split Unit

What is a mini split/ PTAC  unit?

Mini Split units or PTAC units are wall or ceiling mounted heating and cooling systems that allow you to control the temperature in individual rooms. They have little to no ducts but still require routine cleaning.

The Importance of Cleaning

Mini-split HVAC units must be cleaned regularly for these systems to work properly long-term. Cleaning your mini-split is essential for keeping it in good condition so that it operates at optimal quality. When a mini-split system cleaned routinely, the potential for premature wear of internal components, mold growth, and the start of strange odors greatly increases. Furthermore, the presence of excess dirt, dust, or mold in your mini-split system can decrease the air quality in your home by circulating such pollutants into your living space.

The mini-split system will also likely become less efficient if left uncleaned for a significant period of time. As dirt, dust, and other contaminants accumulate, the system may have to work harder in order to operate properly. As a result, you’ll likely start to experience higher energy bills each month.

Our process for cleaning a mini split/ PTAC unit?

  1. First, the technician will remove the filter and outside covering.
  2. Next, the technician will set up a split unit cleaning device to catch all contaminants and water released during the cleaning process. 
  3. The technician will hand vacuum off the coils found in the split unit.
  4. Then, the technician will chemically treat the coils, fan blades and blower wheel  to break down and loosen mold and containments. 
  5. The coils, fan blades and blower wheel are wet washed with water to remove contaminants.
  6. Following, an antimicrobial treatment is applied to the coils, fan blades and blower wheel  to help prevent mold build up.
  7. Finally, the technician will clean and treat filter with an antimicrobial followed by the reinstallation of the unit. 

How often should my mini split/ PTAC unit be cleaned?

A mini split/PTAC unit should be on a regular maintenance schedule like most home appliances. These units should be cleaned annually as mold builds up quickly and is very prevalent due to the excessive moisture, porous material and food source available. 

Key Benefits of Cleaning

Keeping these units clean will: 

  • significantly improve indoor air quality, 
  • Reduce mold build up
  • extend the life of the unit, and 
  • save money on energy loss.


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