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Proper Remediation & IIRC

What happens when your HVAC system becomes submerged in flood waters? As a result, your system will contain dirt, debris and become contaminated with other organisms such as bacteria and fungi. It is critical for proper remediation not only for your HVAC system efficiency and life span but also, to ensure healthy indoor air quality. [...]

Choose Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning

TOP 10 Reasons WHY... 1. Family owned and operated since 1965 2. Strongest power vacuum trucks in the industry 3. Most National Air Duct Cleaning Association certified technicians in New Jersey 4. Over 60 years’ experience in the field daily 5. Completed over 200,000 residential homes and more vent cleaning jobs than all of our [...]


VAV (Variable Air Volume) is a type of heating or air conditioning (or both) system typically installed in commercial and industrial buildings. A VAV allows a way to zone heat and air from one large HVAC system to specific areas in a large space such as separate offices in a large office building. What is [...]

Commercial and Industrial Ventilation Issues – Sick Building Syndrome?

Commercial and Industrial Ventilation, Sick Building Syndrome?   According to the HEALTH SCIENCE JOURNAL, Sick Building Syndrome was first coined in 1970. Caused by commercial and industrial ventilation issues, it describes a situation in which the occupants of a building experienced acute health symptoms or discomfort only triggered by time spent in that building. All [...]

Air Quality In The Workplace

OSHA writes, “The quality of indoor air inside offices, schools and other workplaces is important not only for the worker’s comfort but also for their health”. Here are some symptoms that poor air quality in a building can create: Irritation to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs Headache Fatigue Difficulty concentrating There are many factors [...]

What are the Benefits of Cleaning my Commercial Office Duct Work?

There are many reasons why commercial buildings should be cleaned. The most important is the employees that work in the building. Sick Building Syndrome is a health condition that can occur and reduce work efficiency and increase absenteeism. Sick Building Syndrome is a situation that occurs when occupants of a building start to experience some [...]

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Can My Insulated Ductwork Be Cleaned?

At times we come across ductwork that is internally insulated. Over the past several years, there has been an increase in the number of duct cleaning companies out there. It is very important that the cleaning professional is familiar with NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) guidelines. Although fiber board and duct board products are [...]

We Clean it All! No Facility is Too Large For Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning

A tough job but a beautiful view of the New York City skyline.   Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning can do it all - even the "dirtiest" of jobs.  We were recently hired to clean the tunnels of the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority and spent several days on-site ensuring that the job [...]

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Air Duct Cleaning & Business Public Image

Restaurant Air Duct Cleaning - An Often Overlooked Step Are you a restaurant owner?  As you are aware, cleanliness is critical in the restaurant business. You most likely clean your kitchen and dining room on a daily basis but have you ever given thought to your air ducts?  Your air duct system directly affects the [...]

The US Coast Guard trusts Advanced to Clean Their Air Ducts, So Should You!

Even the Coast Guard needs their air ducts professionally cleaned! Cape May, NJ - April 2012 The 210 foot Coast Guard Cutter Dependable returned from a fifty nine day patrol in the Atlantic on March 2, 2012.   While moored in their homeport in Cape May, New Jersey, the small sailing ship had their [...]

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