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Air Conditioner Causing a Musty Smell

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Air Conditioner Causing a Musty Smell

Why does my house smell musty when I turn on my air conditioning?

If this is a question that you ask yourself, air duct cleaning can help!

DID YOU KNOW… your AC evaporator coils are the number one spot for mold and bacteria growth in your air duct system? 

The reason why you get a musty smell is a combination of many factors; many of which have to do with your air ducts. If there is dust or debris in your AC coils and your AC coils contain moisture, this is the recipe for mold growth as well as the source of your musty smell. It also works the same in your air ducts. Dust and debris builds up on the walls of your air ducts. When you turn on your AC system, the moisture from your system mixes with the dust and debris. Once again, giving mold its three favorite food sources; dust, moisture from your air conditioning and a nice dark spot to grow! 

Ever smell a wet dog? A dog’s odor is amplified when his fur becomes wet. This is the same concept that takes place in your duct work. Moisture in your duct work due to your AC exasperates the smell of mold, bacteria, and dust in your duct work.

Air duct cleaning can eliminate all the dust, debris, and other food sources mold and bacteria thrive to live on. After the cleaning, we fog an Antimicrobial treatment which kills any mold and bacteria. 

NO musty smell? If you have air conditioning, there is a very good chance one day you will. Benjamin Franklin once said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” 

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