"nobody likes dirty ducts"


OUT OF SIGHT shouldn’t mean OUT OF MIND

What is that musty smell?

It’s almost time to kick on your AC system and boom you smell something musty!

You may ask yourself: What is the cause? How do I get rid of it?

Mold needs three things to grow:

1) Food source 

2) Moisture

3) Porous surface

All three of which are found within your air ducts.

The reason this smell occurs when you kick on your AC (especially the first time of the season) is moisture from your AC exacerbates all smells by rehydrating those mold spores. Think of it like a wet dog.

Mold goes dormant (temporarily inactive or inoperative or having normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a period of time)  during winter months or when relative humidity goes below a certain percentage. This mold will become active once the food source of moisture is reintroduced, which your air conditioning provides.

The number one spot for mold and bacteria growth in your HVAC system is your AC Evaporator Coil. Before you turn on your Air Conditioning for the season, let us take care of cleaning and treating your hvac system with an Antimicrobial to rid that mold and bacteria. 

Mold wants to reproduce/colonize in other areas outside of your air ducts. The way this happens is the mold becomes airborne, gets blown through your ducts and attaches to vent covers, curtains, carpets etc within your home, causing a much larger problem. 

Before you kick on that Air Conditioning, give us a call and we will clean those air ducts and AC Evaporator coils. 

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