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Healthcare Facilities Management Society of NJ

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Healthcare Facilities Management Society

                   The Healthcare Facilities Management Society of New Jersey (HFMSNJ) was founded in 1949 as a Professional Organization for Healthcare Facility Managers of New Jersey. The organization was formed to promote the sharing of knowledge and experience to benefit the institutions its members served. The bylaws state that the objective of the Association is to educate, raise the standard of Healthcare Facilities Management and act as a resource to resolve facilities problems as they affect the members and to aid in the formulation of laws and codes that affect Healthcare Facilities.

The focus of the Association monthly meetings is education and the professional development of each member. The HFMSNJ conducts regular training seminars and host other events to improve member’s skills.

The importance of public safety cannot be overstated especially in Healthcare Facilities. Patients in hospitals, residents of long term care facilities are particularly vulnerable because they are not as mobile as other members of the public. Strict guidelines regarding Life Safety management, Hazardous and Waste Materials management and Utilities management are of utmost importance. These standards are put in place to protect not only the occupants of these facilities, but also the employees and contractors and individuals performing a service on site.

The air conveyance systems in Healthcare Facilities are designed differently than systems in other commercial buildings. Balancing of the air flow in positive and negative pressure areas is critical for preventing the transfer of infectious disease. Of particular concern are areas such as patient/resident rooms, operating rooms, and common areas. The coordination between the Healthcare Facilities Management and the duct cleaner is therefore vital.

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