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Duct Cleaners Network Ensures Quality in Service

The Duct Cleaners Network (DCN) is a “peer-to-peer” organization whose goal is to promote communication between member professionals in the duct cleaning industry, raise awareness for the industry and the promote the exchange of information. Many professionals in this industry have voiced a need for continuing education and better knowledge sharing between business owners. The DCN has the vision of growing a network that lends support to individual duct cleaning business owners, by providing useful, practical information and education that is both accessible and affordable.  By connecting with other like minded, quality conscious individuals, we increase our knowledge base to serve the customer better. The DCN believes that consumers will be better served utilizing the services of a DCN member above others who aren’t as concerned about quality of workmanship and professionalism.

The DCN encourages cooperation between duct cleaners. Members have already participated in MIX Groups, which provide focused analysis of a specific area of your business (i.e. employee issues, marketing, etc). MIX Groups are an extremely effective and progressive business tool. Members can also get involved in Mentoring and Training programs to find help for their own business or to serve as a personal adviser for others who are new to the industry.

Most importantly, DCN is about ensuring a certain level of quality in the service provided to the consumer. Since many states do not require any licensing or certification for air duct cleaning, it falls upon the individual business owner to demonstrate the professionalism of the industry to each customer.

The DCN maintains a higher standard for their members.  They have a no-tolerance policy for shoddy workmanship. Every member is required to sign the Pledge of Excellence, and expected to adhere to these basic standards of professional conduct.

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