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Why do I hear banging in my duct work?

Why do I hear banging in my duct work?

The most common reason for a banging sound coming from your duct work is a matter of expansion and contraction! Heat causes the metal to expand and cool air causes it to contract. Shaking or vibrating could mean you have some loose connections and this is somewhat normal as your system ages.

On the other hand, it is always best to think SAFETY FIRST when hearing a sound that is new and unfamiliar. Grinding and a constant knocking sound could be a sign the motor’s bearing are failing. Rattling could mean a heat exchanger problem. Give your HVAC professional a call and have the noise checked out.

It is important to keep your furnace and duct work clean so it works at peak performance. A build up of dirt, dust and mold on the burners, coils, blower section and other parts of your furnace can eventually cause costly problems that cannot be overlooked. Many HVAC companies across the State of New Jersey refer their customers to Advanced Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning. Not only does cleaning maintain the efficiency of the furnace, it also lends to a healthier environment.


Dirty Coil


Mold Inside Furnace


Dirty Duct

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