What are dampers and what should I do with them?

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What are dampers and what should I do with them?

Many systems have dampers inside the duct work. The dampers control air flow and therefore can adjust room temperature.

Rooms facing the sun or rooms that have a lot of windows might need more air conditioning in the summer and less heat in the winter. A room with no sun exposure may need more heat and less air conditioning. This is where dampers come into play!


Dampers are usually found where the main trunk line connects to the round supply duct. These are the pieces of duct work that supplies air to the various areas of your home. You will most likely find a wing nut bolt or a lever that you can turn to adjust the position of the damper. Turn this to a full open position. Use a marker to write on the duct work what position this lever is in and mark it’s position optimal flow. It is also wise to write which area of the home this duct services. This will save you time if your dampers need to be adjusted seasonally.






Once the damper is open, check the room it services (make sure that register is fully open) and feel the air flow. If this is sufficient, leave the damper as is. If it is a sunny, warm space, you might want to adjust the damper accordingly. Continue this process throughout your home so you get the desired air flow. Remember, close off registers in rooms that are not used to save on energy costs!
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