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Our New Halloween Display Is Attracting Lots of Attention

//Our New Halloween Display Is Attracting Lots of Attention

Our New Halloween Display Is Attracting Lots of Attention

hall6-300x199It’s that season again. The leaves are falling and the air is getting cooler.  Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning  has set up their Halloween exhibit outside their corporate garage in Bayville.  The company, which has won numerous awards in the local business decorating contest, has set up the most extravagant display to date and it is attracting quite a bit of attention from passers-by.   Not only is the display entertaining, this year it also carries a public service message; it reminds drivers not to text and drive and gruesomely exemplifies what might happen if you do.hall5-300x199

In addition to the usual air-blown inflatables, a genuine auto wreck was towed to the yard and integrated as part of the display.  Cosmos Ocean County Auto Recycling, of Berkeley Township, generously donated a totaled 1998 Cadillac and delivered it to the garage at the corner of Harbor Inn Road on US Highway 9 in Bayville.  The car was strategically placed as if it landed under the trailer currently on the property.  hall4-300x199 Artificial corpses, monsters and rubber body parts were scattered on the hood and throughout the damaged vehicle.  Prominently displayed behind the wreck is a large sign stating “Only A Monster Would Text While Driving”.  Inflatable displays on the property include several large pumpkins, a trio of witches, a human skull, and a colorful haunted house.

The automobile wreck appeared so realistic that when it was first set up, over twenty concerned citizens phoned 911 to report an accident.  The Ocean County Sheriff’s Department was also contacted.   All concerned callers were assured that the accident was a seasonal display and no emergency vehicles were dispatched. The authorities had been consulted prior to setting it all up but to avoid further concern, the owner has modified the scene so that it doesn’t appear so authentic.

If you are in the Bayville area of Ocean County and would like to see the display, take a ride down Route 9.  Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning’s garage sits on the corner of Harbor Inn Road just across the street from Cedar Creek Campground. The display remains lit and inflated 24 hours a day.

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