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Is Air Duct Cleaning a Do It Yourself “DIY” Job?

//Is Air Duct Cleaning a Do It Yourself “DIY” Job?

Is Air Duct Cleaning a Do It Yourself “DIY” Job?

After seeing dust and other containments collecting on your vents, your first instinct is to wipe them clean with a rag. Next, you may spray your vents and clean them with Clorox Clean-Up. Then after a few days the dust build-up has returned once again. So, this time you not only wipe them clean but you vacuum the outside of your vents. Some people even go as far as to remove the vent covers and vacuum inside. While you may receive temporary relief from the outer dust build up, but have you solved the problem?

The answer is NO, most definitely not.

While your home vacuum has some suction power it cannot be compared to the power of professional equipment nor can it reach every “nook and cranny” of your lines.

In order to ensure a ductwork cleaning is completed correctly and to the standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), the vacuum must be powerful enough to create negative pressure in the HVAC system. Negative pressure is essential in order to control the spread of contaminants during the cleaning process. A power vacuum truck is the most powerful and effective equipment used in the field. In order to create negative pressure in the system, a power vacuum truck should be used for proper cleaning.

An eight inch vacuum hose from the truck is hooked directly into your supply line then any and all containments are sucked out through the hose into the truck. While the vacuum hose is hard at work, a special patented scrubber is run through all the lines to reach every twist, turn, and tiny space of your ductwork. This process helps to guarantee full removal all traces of dirt, debris, and dust.

A technician will also remove all vents. Unlike your basic Clorox Clean-Up, each vent will be cleaned with a cleanser and sanitizer approved and recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. Supply vents will not only be wiped clean and sanitized but will be blown out with air pressure to assure total removal of containments.

As you can see getting rid of that dirty build-up on the outside of your vents is not so simple. It will not and cannot just go away with a basic wipe down and vacuum. Therefore, leave the job to the professionals and do not make it a “DIY” project.


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