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Do we videotape an air duct before and after we clean it?

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Do we videotape an air duct before and after we clean it?

This is a good question and I have been asked it many times by customers primarily because they are concerned about being “scammed” by a duct cleaner.  Yes, there are unethical duct cleaners in this business.  It is critical to ask a cleaner about his licensing, insurance, education and you should  most certainly ask about the equipment which he uses.

We normally do not videotape the duct cleaning jobs that we do. Quite simply it is very time consuming and someone has to pay for that time.  The average home has 400 feet of duct work in it. It could take hours to make a video of all those lines. I am aware that some companies do regularly offer this “service”. Please be leery of this; often they show a customer a video of a duct before and then the same duct after they supposedly cleaned it but the video in question isn’t actually of that customer’s home.

At Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning our service technicians will be happy to show you the inside of your dirty duct. In order to properly clean an HVAC system an access hole (sometimes several) will be cut in the trunk line of your ductwork. Our Power Vacuum Trucks each have an eight inch vacuum hose lines so the hole that we cut in your duct work is at least 8 inches in diameter. You can actually LOOK in this hole and truly see the inside of your lines. With a naked eye you can generally see a fifty foot line, with a camera the visibility is very limited (usually 10-15 feet).  After we complete the cleaning process our technician would be happy to again have you look in the duct and see the difference for yourself. When he is finished, and when you are finished looking , we thoroughly seal the access hole with a sheet metal patch that is applied with both silicone and metal screws. You are also welcome to look into any of the vents in each of your rooms, both before and after. The technician would be happy to point out a return vent; these are usually much dirtier and you can really see the difference a good cleaning makes.

If after reading this you still feel that you would like to see the inside of a duct with a scoping camera we can accommodate that request. Each of our Power Vacuum Trucks is equipped with a Milwaukee Scope that has it’s own light and we would certainly get that out and show you the inside of a duct.

We are a customer service oriented company and duct cleaning specialists.  We have been in business since 1964 and we are here to stay.   We will work with your needs and requests.

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