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As much as we are ready to welcome a warm spring breeze, those of us with allergies are dreading the inevitable! There are a few things we can do to prepare but avoiding pollen is essentially impossible.

Here are a few good tips:

  •  As tempting as it is to leave windows and doors open, don’t!  Keep them closed to minimize allergy symptoms.
  • Vacuum often!  This includes floors, rugs, upholstered furniture even your mattress and pillows. Vacuum with a hepa filter.
  • Pollen sticks to fabric.  Avoid bringing it inside by changing your clothes as soon as you come inside.  Leave shoes in the foyer so you do not track pollen inside.
  • Shower before bed so you do not transfer pollen to your bed linens and pillows.
  • Change furnace filters frequently.  Use a pleated filter with a high MERV rating.
  • Check for mold because that could also set off allergies.  The most common places for mold is your bathrooms, kitchens, basement or anywhere there may be leaks.
  • Make sure you clean and shut off the humidifier if you have one attached to your furnace.
  • Avoid outside activities when the pollen count is the highest.  This is between 5:00 AM and 10:00 AM and keep in mind that the count is always high on a windy day.  Hot, dry days have a higher pollen count as well.
  • Check the local air quality report before venturing outside.
  • Consider having your air ducts cleaned and sanitized.  This will remove pollen, dust, dust mites, mold and mold spores. Give ADVANCED a call today to set up an appointment and mention this article for a special spring discount.
  • Have your air conditioner coils cleaned during the duct cleaning to save money!



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