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When the Dust Clears, Duct Cleaning Is Worth It!

/When the Dust Clears, Duct Cleaning Is Worth It!
When the Dust Clears, Duct Cleaning Is Worth It! 2010-07-18T00:27:09+00:00


Q. What options are there for air filters in a home, and what is the cost of having ductwork cleaned?

A. There are a variety of methods used in duct cleaning, including source removal, rotary brush and vacuum removal, and duct sealing.  But according to Tim Roth of Roth Heating, in Oak Creek, a recent report from the National Air Duct Association indicated that source removal is the most preferred method.

“With source removal, a powerful vacuum and air compressor agitate and evacuate dirt and other particles,” Roth explained.  “Professional tools push unwanted materials through the duct to keep particles from being redistributed in the home.  Once this is finished, the vacuum removes all dirt particles using five times the suction that a home’s furnace can produce.”

Rotary brush and vacuum removal can’t always reach into the far corners of the ductwork and can miss up to half of the dirt.

Duct sealing involves using a chemical to adhere or stick to the dirt in the ductwork to seal in the dirt and mold so they don’t spread, but it can allow mold to keep growing.

“Price quotes for professional duct cleaning for an average home can vary by as much as $200, so it’s recommended that homeowners get two estimates,” Roth said.  “Homeowners need to be cautious and understand how the company calculates the price for ductwork.”

A flat rate can result in a better value because it’s an up-front rate with no hidden costs, says Roth.

An average-size home, less than 2,200 square feet, and running only one furnace would likely have a duct leaning cost between $350 and $550.

Roth recommends that air filters be cleaned or replaced when ducts are cleaned.

“One-inch, non-electric air filters are 15 percent efficient and need to be replaced monthly,” said Roth.  “A more dense filter of this type, referred to as media style air filter, can be up to 60 percent efficient and should be replaced yearly at an average cost of $30 each.”

Electronic filters are 80%-90% efficient and need to be cleaned monthly.

In the end, Air Duct Cleaning is Worth it

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