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NADCA Certified Industrial Duct Cleaning Services in NJ

//NADCA Certified Industrial Duct Cleaning Services in NJ
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Industrial Duct Cleaning Company in NJ: NADCA Certified

Problems faced by Industrial Environments

Industrial Duct Dust Collection Systems Accumulation of debris within the ductwork of exhaust systems decreases the systems ability to properly convey dust and fumes from the plant, thus contributing to poor indoor air quality. A buildup of dirt and debris in the bag house and bag house exhaust can greatly reduce the efficiency of the system. A loss of up to 42% is common in dust collection systems.

Indoor Air QualityApproximately 90% of Industrial facilities are sealed envelopes. Windows are usually inoperable so no fresh air enters the building other than through HVAC fresh air intake systems. When these systems are functioning properly, they bring in outdoor air to the system.  The total CFMs of these air intakes are drastically reduced as the exterior grills, turning vanes, ductwork and dampers become laden with dirt. For example, when this occurs, the HVAC system that was designed to run on 70% recycled air and 30% fresh air is now running on 70% recycled air and only 15% fresh air. This change has increased the carbon dioxide levels, viruses and bacteria in the building by 15%. The lack of dilution by fresh air is compounding the problem.

Mold Spores– Clogged coil drain pans are the number one cause of mold growth in the HVAC system. The coil drain pan is designed to collect and funnel the condensation generated by the coil into the drain system. As the condensation runs down the fins of the coil, it brings with it the dust and debris from the airstream, some of which attaches itself to the coil while the remainder drains into the pan. The water now contains dust and dirt that builds up inside the trap and elbows which slows down the flow. The level in the condensate pan rises and the combination of water and dirt creates a breeding ground for mold, algae and bacteria. In most cases of bacteria caused illness, ie. Legionella, etc, the cause has been traced back to the inhalation of mist droplets that originated in a condensate pan or water chiller. As the water level rises in the pan, water is introduced into the airstream which is then deposited in the ductwork. This bacteria laden water is now supporting the growth of any existing mold in the industrial ductwork.

Energy Efficiency Industrial facilities face a unique set of challenges when it comes to managing energy cost. Expertise in energy efficient operations may not exist in the organization and employees may already have a very full plate helping the company run smoothly. Managing energy may seem like one more task on a long list of things that must be done.

Advanced Solutions for Industrial Duct Cleaning

Dry Ice & Soda blasting– CO2 or dry ice blasting uses tiny dry ice particles propelled by compressed air to remove contamination from surface areas. Upon impact, the solid dry ice expands, and then coverts to a harmless gas. This results in a clean, dry, undamaged surface, with no secondary waste to clean up. This process is so versatile; it can remove dust from delicate electrical components or layers of heavily encrusted coats of paint.

Cleaning the Ducts and Industrial HVAC components–   The cleaning of the pan and drain will correct the drainage issue, eliminating the water in the pan preventing mold growth and any contaminated water being carried throughout the air stream.  Cleaning of duct work, turning vanes, dampers and exterior grills will return the air flow levels back to their optimal settings.

Employee Health–  There are numerous variables that determine the amount of air, for example, outdoor temperature, seasonal changes, percentage of building occupancy and occupant generated carbon dioxide loads. All of these mechanical systems have predetermined settings upon installation. The importance of these settings is paramount to maintain the comfort and health of the employees and the proper efficiency and performance of the equipment. A clean system provides adequate removal of potentially hazardous residue and provides for the improved health and safety of each employee.

Cost Savings–  By learning some energy maintenance basics, such as the necessity of having your coils professionally cleaned on an annual basis, an industrial facility can improve the energy efficiency of its operations thereby increasing profit margins, securing a more competitive position in the marketplace and reducing its environmental impact.Additionally, a clean system means lower operational and maintenance costs and prevention of equipment failure, causing shut down and loss of production.

Prevent Equipment Failure–  Coil cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining proper efficiency in the HVAC system. A buildup of 0.18” of dirt on heating and cooling coils can cause a decrease of efficiency of up to 21% (source, EPA). Specifically in industrial settings where you may find stacked coils, the condition is exacerbated. Excessive pressure drops are a common problem that can be resolved by coil cleaning. Using coil cleaners in conjunction with low pressure water or steam will effectively clean the coil and allow the pressure drop to return to original specifications.

The blower fan is another component where dirt can quickly accumulate and cause a reduction in air output. As dirt builds up on the concave edge of the fan blade, it greatly reduces the ability of the fan to maintain its CFM rating. Industrial duct cleaning of these blades returns the fans to its original output specifications.

Advanced Industrial Duct Cleaning Services.

Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning will send out a Certified Cleaning Professional to thoroughly inspect your facility to provide you with a comprehensive estimate to meet your duct cleaning needs.

Based on the findings of our investigation, we will recommend corrective Industrial Duct Cleaning actions, if necessary, as well as assist your organization in achieving environmental conditions that will provide optimum health and comfort for your employees.

The industrial duct cleaning service will remove all dirt and contaminants to help the systems be brought back to working order with proper efficiencies.

Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning can provide a detailed, post cleaning follow up report, including any deficiencies on fire dampers, turning vanes and sampling tubes for smoke detectors, etc.

In today’s competitive business world, achieving customer satisfaction is the key to success. When it comes to improving your indoor air quality, Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning has what it takes to help everyone breathe easier and feel better in the workplace. We should know, we have been helping businesses combat poor air quality for more than 50 years and making many satisfied customers along the way.

Our industrial duct cleaning procedures conform strictly to the high standards of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA). We employ the finest industrial duct cleaning professionals in the industry. Our experts are fully trained in the latest techniques, and equipped with state of the art equipment to perform the most thorough cleaning that will ensure a healthier, more productive, clean air environment for your employees. In addition, our team of technicians will get the job done with minimal disruption to office facilities, employees and work schedules.

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