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Why should you have your Air Ducts cleaned?

//Why should you have your Air Ducts cleaned?
Why should you have your Air Ducts cleaned? 2018-04-16T16:58:15+00:00

Health Issues

Most homeowners would be dismayed and shocked if they could look inside their ductwork. Even the cleanest homes cannot prevent a gradual accumulation of dust, dirt, pet dander on the inside surfaces of the air ducts in the heating and air conditioning system. Unknowingly, ductwork can also be infested with vermin, insects or rodents and their nests and droppings.  In addition, ductwork can become a breeding ground for numerous molds, mildews and bacteria that can become a serious problem for those with asthma or allergies. Indoor air pollution is an issue of growing concern and increased visibility. People are now spending up to 90% of each day indoors, and air quality is a major concern.

Ducts that are clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris cause particles to be released into your home through your supply registers. If moisture is present, the potential for microbiological growth (ie. mold) is increased and spores may be released into living spaces of your home. These contaminants can cause allergic reactions, congestion, breathing issues, headaches, and sinus problems for your family.

Additionally, certain events may occur that would require a duct cleaning, such as:


Fires cause smoke odor damage to the ductwork that can be removed by duct cleaning and sealing of the ductwork. Soot is a by product of combustion that is composed of fine particles that will circulated throughout the air in your home unless removed from your ductwork.


Water damage can be devastating to your home. However most homeowners don’t realize that even a small flood can cause mold to grow, under the right conditions, within hours. Wet carpeting and damp basements are also culprits. Cleaning and sanitizing of the ductwork in your home will prevent dangerous mold and mildew from harming your family’s health.

Furnace Malfunctions

A common problem with an oil heating system is a puffback. Atomized oil sent to the combustion chamber is not immediately ignited. When it finally ignites, it creates an explosion of fire and soot to be blown throughout the ductwork system and into the home. This soot must be cleaned from the ductwork or it will blow out into the home, soiling the air and the surfaces of the home itself. A crack in the heat exchanger of the gas powered furnace will also cause soot to build up in the ductwork and the home, as can a clogged furnace chimney.

New construction/Renovations

Drywall dust contains an element listed by OSHA as hazardous material, Crystalline Silica. Prolonged or repeated inhalation of Crystalline Silica can cause a condition in the lungs called Silicosis. The particles lodge in the air sacs of the lungs which then cause fibrotic nodules to form around them, causing breathing difficulties and possible death. Inhalation of wood dust from hardwood floors or concrete dust from tile cutting also causes health and breathing problems.


We have removed not only construction dust from newly installed ductwork, but also pieces of drywall, chunks of wood and drinking cups and soda cans! Children love to throw things into the ductwork and unfortunately, sometimes even small pets find their way inside. A myriad of items can find their way into the ductwork restricting air flow and forcing your air conveyance system to waste energy in an attempt to heat or cool your home. Extra energy equals higher heating and cooling costs to you!  

Mechanical Problems

The heating and cooling industry has stated that over 75% of the repair work needed on furnace systems is a result of dirty mechanical components. Dirt and dust builds up on the blower fan and motor, combustion chamber and cooling coils, causing overheating and short cycling of the system. A thorough and professional cleaning keeps the furnace running efficiently and economically.

Many sections of your heating and cooling system may not be visually accessible. As such you may have a mold issue you are not even aware of. Central air conditioning systems are notorious for causing problems with mold. The nature of the way a central air conditioning system works, there is always condensation dripping off the coil inside your furnace. This moisture is caught by a drip or condensate pan, then funneled off into a condensate drain which leads outside your home. If either the pan or drain gets clogged, the water will sit stagnant inside the furnace causing mold to build up inside the compartment and on your coil. Many times, the inside of the furnace is lined with insulation that becomes saturated. That mold is then blown out into your home every time your air conditioning turns on, and your family breathes it in. It is extremely important to remove that wet, moldy insulation and replace it closed cell foam insulation which is water resistant and then properly clean and sanitize the ductwork.

Commercial facilities

An office or manufacturing facility is only as clean as its heating and cooling ductwork. This is extremely important in medical facilities and manufacturing plants where sanitary conditions are of the utmost importance. Some of the benefits of clean indoor air include better employee, customer and visitor health, improved productivity, reduced health costs and sick leave which results in increased profits for you!

Cost savings for all commercial property managers is one of the top reasons that duct cleaning is on the rise. A clean HVAC system is not only more energy efficient, but it increase the life of the equipment. If you are experiencing a problem with malfunctioning in-duct smoke detectors, there is probably an excess of dust/debris buildup inside the ducts, a situation easily remedied by a thorough air duct cleaning. Manufacturing plants should have the ducts cleaned to alleviate the excess dust from the air that could compromise product quality, this is especially true in large manufacturing exhaust ductwork.

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