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Duct Cleaning Vacuums – Do Portable Systems Suck?

//Duct Cleaning Vacuums – Do Portable Systems Suck?
Duct Cleaning Vacuums – Do Portable Systems Suck? 2020-02-14T19:30:49+00:00

Portable Air Duct Vacuums suck about as much as a Shop Vac.

If you have a shop vacuum and were thinking of hiring an Air Duct Cleaner that uses a Portable Vacuum system, then you should save yourself at least $400 and stir all that dirt and dust up yourself. If you do this, be sure to purchase dust masks for everyone living in the home or office.  Why? Well, just like these fly-by-night companies, you won’t be cleaning anything with the shop vac, but you will save yourself some money.    According to the EPA-Environmental Protection Agency, these substandard attempts at air duct cleaning jobs can release more dust, dirt and other contaminants into the air than simply leaving the dirty ducts alone. Think we’re kidding? Watch this independent news report that teaches you how to avoid being scammed by shady air duct cleaners.

Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning Education 101

Real Air Duct cleaners have certifications that they can show you upon request. Certifications from places like NADCA, Indoor Air Quality, Duct Cleaner’s Network, National Fire Protection Association, OSHA and others. The real companies, who are not out to scam you, will drive a duct cleaning vacuum truck. The companies that are out there to take your money and run will be using portable vacuums like the ones shown below.

Typical Portable Duct Cleaning Vacuum Systems Most Often Used by Air Duct Cleaning  Scammers

portable-rotobrush3-150x150 portable-rotobrush2-150x150 portable-rotobrush1-150x150
portable-airduct-vacuum3-150x150 portable-airduct-vacuum2-150x150 portable-airduct-vacuum1-150x150

Now, there’s a sneaky thing that these Air Duct Scammers like to do. They’ll take their portable vacuum, and they will mount it to their van or pickup truck, and now try to tell you that they have a duct cleaning vacuum truck for cleaning dirty air ducts and vents. They don’t. That’s like putting a refrigerator in a mini-van and calling it a mobile home, or installing flashing lights and sirens on your vehicle and saying you’re now in law enforcement. If you hire an air duct cleaning company, and they pull up in a vehicle that looks like one of the ones below, lock your doors, call the police and the better business bureau.

These are NOT Vacuum Trucks

not-vacuum-truck2-150x150 not-vacuum-truck1-150x145

REAL Air Duct Cleaning Companies will show up in a large Vacuum Truck. They will specialize in Air Duct Cleaning, which includes Furnace Duct Cleaning, Chimney Cleaning, Fireplace Cleaning, and Dryer vent Cleaning.  If you see ads from companies like Jim-Bob’s Carpet Cleaning, that claim they clean carpets, floors, wallpaper, tile, grout, your cat and dog, and oh, yeah, they say they clear air ducts too… RUN… to the nearest phone and call Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaners of New Jersey instead.

This is a REAL Air Duct Cleaner’s Vacuum Truck


NJ Air Duct Cleaner Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning

When the Dust Settles you must Clean your Air Ducts

When your family, friends and employees are safe and the Air Duct Scammer(s) have been escorted from your home or office, call New Jersey’s most experienced Air Duct Cleaning company: Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning. Our expert technicians will professionally clean your Air Ducts, Vents, Registers, Dryer Vents and Furnace.  We will leave your home or place of work with cleaner air and improve your indoor air quality.

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