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Industrial Air Duct cleaning company in New Jersey

Industry Proven Duct Cleaning Services

Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning is recognized as NJ’s leader in Industrial Air Duct Cleaning since 1964. Advanced delivers unparalleled service and experience to tackle even the most difficult industrial air duct cleaning jobs.

Industrial buildings present some of the most severe indoor air quality issues. Waste treatment facilities, food processing plants, printing facilities, large manufacturing operations, and other industrial buildings have complex air quality issues with important regulatory and environmental implications. Until now, solutions to those issues have often meant increased energy costs for fresh air supply systems and higher maintenance investments.

Unlike residential and commercial systems, duct cleaning for industrial systems normally does not depend upon multiple small rooftop air handling units.  Typically a couple of large units are located on the roof or in a penthouse. These air handling units commonly have large vertical shafts going down through multiple stories of the building. A horizontal duct is connected into the shaft to provide an air supply for each floor. From this point forward the VAV boxes or VAV boxes in conjunction with Therma fusers, control  the airflow to each area. These systems are much larger, usually containing variable frequency drive fan motors, large fans, mixing dampers, hot water coils and chilled water coils, filter housings for bag, rolled or panel type filters.  Also in these HVAC systems it is common to find return air fans.

We can clean and deodorize ductwork and blower sections, and even remove dangerous, highly-flammable explosive dust with our fleet with a super 16,000 CFMs of suction. Let us help you take care of your next project—no matter how large or complex.

A brief list of Industrial Air Duct Cleaning inspections areas:

Inspection of filter racks-A common problem found in Industrial and Commercial buildings is incorrectly sized filters being installed in racks. Also, we are continually finding the manufacturer provided spacers on the bottoms of blower sections. These should be installed after the last filter. By not utilizing the spacers, the effectiveness of even the best filters is dramatically reduces by allowing air to flow around the filters instead of through them.

Inspection of roof top Air Handling Units-Water infiltration around seals and open blower section doors are a real problem. A perfect example of this (and the resulting problems it causes) can be found here in our article titled, “Overlooked Issues in Duct Cleaning” The picture in example 1 shows an improperly closed blower section door drawing in fumes (including methane gas) from a sanitary vent.

Inspection of breaches and chimneys– During the cleaning, an inspection will be done of the metal work, stack, etc.

Inspection of coil area– While the coil cleaning is being performed, the coil will be inspected for proper pan drainage, floor drainage and fin condition, loose insulation or water infiltration into the insulation and any deficiencies that would cause excessive pressure drop.

These are just some of the industrial air duct cleaning services we offer:

Air conditioning coil cleaning Bathroom exhaust cleaning
Boiler cleaning (Fire Side) Breech cleaning
Chimney cleaning Combustible dust removal
Condenser coil cleaning Conduit  cleaning (Interior & Exterior)
Dryer vent cleaning Dry Ice blasting duct cleaning
Air Duct cleaning Dust collection system cleaning
Evaporator coil cleaning Exhaust hood cleaning
Exhaust system cleaning Furnace cleaning
Heating coil cleaning Laundry chute cleaning
Make up air shaft cleaning Robotic video inspection
Trash chute cleaning Trusses  & Beam cleaning
Vent cleaning Welding exhaust cleaning

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