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How to select a Qualified Duct Cleaner

//How to select a Qualified Duct Cleaner
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  1. Do they specialize in duct cleaning?
    Many companies advertise duct cleaning-included in their long list of services, ie. carpet and upholstery cleaning, pressure washing, grout and tile cleaning and heating and cooling, for example. But no one can specialize in everything!
  2. How long has the contractor been cleaning ductwork?
    This is very important some companies have been in business for many years but only just recently began cleaning ducts. Their advertising implies they have been cleaning ducts for many years, but this is a falsehood.
  3. Can the company show proof of NADCA membership and certification?
    Remember the oldest members have the most experience! And many companies state they use NADCA standards, but they are not truly certified by NADCA.
  4. Are the technicians full time employees of the company you are contracting?
    Many companies (especially big department stores) subcontract the work to independent contractors, so you have no idea who is coming into your home.
  5. Are the technicians fully qualified to perform the duct cleaning service?
    At a minimum, they should be trained to NADCA & OSHA standards. The technician should be experienced with HVAC systems and the different types of ductwork.
  6. Is the equipment they are using capable of getting the job done correctly?
    Many companies will say they have power vacuum trucks, when in reality, they have a portable machine mounted to the back of a van or pick up truck. There is no way you can compare a 4,000 cfm (cubic feet per minute) with 40HP portable machine to a 16,000 cfm, 350HP, power vacuum truck. 
  7. Is the price you are quoted the final price for cleaning your home?
    Be sure to get your final price up front! Be cautious, a disreputable company will not tell you what the final cost to you will be until after they enter your home. This places undue pressure on you, and puts you in the uncomfortable position of asking them to leave if the price is too high. 
  8. Can the contractor provide you with the evidence of current Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000?
    This may seem excessive, but what if a neighbor’s child was injured by the contractor’s equipment on your property?
  9. Does the contractor possess the proper licenses that are required by the State of New Jersey to perform the proposed work?
    In New Jersey, a contractor must be a licensed NJ Home Improvement Contractor.
  10. Does the company have a Certified Microbiological Contamination Technician on staff?
    This is important because mold is such a major health issue. An unqualified technician will just exacerbate the problem by spreading the mold throughout the entire home, causing further harm to you and your family. 
  11. Do the technicians have proper identification?
    A reputable company will send out fully uniformed technicians with proper company identification.
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