Is your home beginning to smell like burning wood? Has the winter season begun and the smell of your fireplace is becoming more overwhelming the more it's used? There are a number of reasons why this could be happening. What could it be? If your fireplace hasn't been cleaned recently or at least regularly, that [...]


Did you know that Thanksgiving is a peak day for cooking fires? 1,760 home fires were reported in 2015 due to unattended cooking. There are over 166,000 fires yearly in the United States due to unattended cooking! This is a staggering number! Ranges or cook tops account for 3 out of every 5 reported fires [...]

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So Why Is Dryer Vent Cleaning So Important? Did you know that most home fires caused by a clothes dryer are in the fall and winter months and peak in January? Also, did you know that dryer vent fires cause an estimated $35 million in property loss each year? On the other hand, did you [...]

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10 Important Points to Remember When Turning On Your Heat

 10 Important Points to Remember When Turning On Your Heat There are many things to remember when turning on your heat for the chilly seasons. As a homeowner or renter, everyone should be aware of some of the more important points, to ensure your safety and achieve the maximum efficiency out of your system. Here [...]

The Importance of Marine Air Duct Cleaning

The Importance of Marine Air Duct Cleaning   Be it a cruise ship, yacht, small pleasure boat, tug boat or ferry, if it floats on water and has a cooling or heating system, should have regular maintenance. Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning works for many ferry companies and boat owners, even the US Coast [...]

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Will Duct Cleaning Help My Allergies And Asthma Trouble?

Will Duct Cleaning Help My Allergies And Asthma Trouble? Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning staffers are asked this question every day. I can say for sure, as an asthmatic myself, it has helped me. We have hundreds of returning customer who also feel the same way. Anyone who suffers from allergies and asthma trouble [...]

There is an odor in my home or office. What can it be and where is it coming from?

Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning is often called because of lingering odors in your home of office. Identifying the source of an odor and ultimately eliminating it can be a daunting task. The more information you can provide, the more likely we will be able to get to the root of the problem.   Have you [...]

Do I have to clean my hot water and furnace chimney???

It is that time of year when we all think about having our fireplace and wood stove chimney inspected and cleaned but you have more than one chimney to think about! A clogged hot water or furnace chimney can be very dangerous. Venting any fuel burning appliance is something to take seriously. Call your heating [...]

Why should I bother purchasing or using the humidifier on my furnace?

During the winter the air in your home can be very dry. Dry air contributes to many health issues such as breathing and sinus issues. This is particularly irritating to children. Dry air can damage furniture, plants and even exacerbate skin conditions in your pets! Humidifiers put moisture back into the air. Studies show that [...]


Advanced will get calls from customers in a panic because they do not have heat. We can’t blame them and although we do not repair furnaces, we are always available to troubleshoot when you cannot get through to your heating and cooling professional. EMERGENCY SHUT OFF SWITCH One of the main reasons this can happen [...]

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