Do I have to clean my hot water and furnace chimney???

It is that time of year when we all think about having our fireplace and wood stove chimney inspected and cleaned but you have more than one chimney to think about! A clogged hot water or furnace chimney can be very dangerous. Venting any fuel burning appliance is something to take seriously. Call your heating [...]

Why should I bother purchasing or using the humidifier on my furnace?

During the winter the air in your home can be very dry. Dry air contributes to many health issues such as breathing and sinus issues. This is particularly irritating to children. Dry air can damage furniture, plants and even exacerbate skin conditions in your pets! Humidifiers put moisture back into the air. Studies show that [...]


Advanced will get calls from customers in a panic because they do not have heat. We can’t blame them and although we do not repair furnaces, we are always available to troubleshoot when you cannot get through to your heating and cooling professional. EMERGENCY SHUT OFF SWITCH One of the main reasons this can happen [...]

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April 6th is National Walking Day!

    Happy National Walking Day! Are allergies keeping you inside and limiting your workouts? Try some of these suggestions so you can continue to enjoy the great outdoors! 1. Did you know that most plants pollinate between 5:00 am and 10:00 am? Try taking your walk mid to late afternoon. 2. Avoid walking or [...]


As much as we are ready to welcome a warm spring breeze, those of us with allergies are dreading the inevitable! There are a few things we can do to prepare but avoiding pollen is essentially impossible. Here are a few good tips:  As tempting as it is to leave windows and doors open, don’t! [...]

Line Drying Clothes vs. Using a Dryer

Have you considered installing a clothes line to save money on electricity or simply take advantage of the great outdoors? Think again, you may want to reconsider if you suffer from season allergies, COPD or asthma! Pollen will stick to the wet clothing on the line. This could cause sneezing, coughing and even some very [...]

Why Do You Need a Humidifier?

Coughing, sneezing, dry nose, bloody nose, hard time sleeping, furniture cracking and splitting, and the feeling your house is warm but not comfortable. All of these things could be linked to dry air. Here in New Jersey we use our heat from October through March. During these months, the air in your furnace passes over [...]

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Central humidifiers are built right into the heating and air conditioning system. They are designed to humidify the entire house by emitting a fine water vapor. But beware! Humidifiers are very useful but if not properly maintained, they can make you sick. They can ease dry sinuses, bloody noses, dry skin and other symptoms related [...]

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Yikes! I Have A Mouse In The House (And In My Duct Work)

As the weather gets cooler, all sorts of critters are looking for shelter from the cold. The best line of defense is prevention! Here are some practical ways to deter mice, chipmunks and other small animals from making your home their winter retreat: Plug all tiny holes and cracks you see around the foundation of [...]

It feels like I woke up this morning and summer is here…. What air conditioner maintenance can I perform as a homeowner?

  Air conditioner maintenance may seem overwhelming as a homeowner. Don't let it be.  We can help. Step one is to turn it on immediately. Don’t wait for a super warm day; test it now, early in the season when the temperature is above 70 degrees.  The reason for this is, if you do find [...]